2022 Winners


1st Place Grand Champion
Tristan Clarridge

1st Place Nevada Junior Champion
Sevina Versales

1st Place- Junior-junior Open Division
Adriene Jensen


1st Place- Junior Open Division
Elisa Beck

Tristan Clarridge

1st Place - Adult Open Division
Tanya Renaud

1st Place- Adult Champion
Tanya Renaud

1st Place - Senior-senior Open Division
Randy Warner

Group Photo
2022 Nevada Old time Fiddlers' Contest

Judges and Accompanists
Jim French, Tex Ash, Kathy Kampschmidt
Eric Anderson, Ben Leabratten


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.




      Nevada State Old-Time Fiddlers' Contest



  • Doors will open on Saturday at 8:00 am. for registration and sign-up;  judges meeting at 9:00 am. 


  • The contest will begin promptly at 9:30 am. 

  • The Nevada State contest is certified by the National Old-Time Fiddlers Association for the following open divisions:  Junior-junior (up through age 12),  Junior (age 13-17),  Adult (age 18-54),  Senior (age 55-69),  Senior-senior (age 70+),   Grand champion (all ages), Nevada State Junior champion, and Nevada State Adult champion. The highest scoring Nevada resident up to age 17 from the Junior-junior or Junior open divisions will be declared the Nevada State Junior champion. The highest scoring Nevada resident 18 years and older from the Adult, Senior, or Senior-senior open divisions will be declared the Nevada State Adult champion.


  • Contestants must play 3 tunes: 1) hoedown, 2) waltz, and 3) tune of choice other than a hoedown or waltz.


  • Contestants must play their tunes in 5 minutes or less, but are allowed a 10 second grace period. Time begins when contestant plays the first note of their first tune, and ends when contestant plays the final note of their last tune.  If the contestant exceeds the allotted time, a penalty of 1 point per second will be deducted from their score. 


  • Playing order will be according to “random draw” after sign-up.  Please do not change the playing order after signing your name on the sign-up sheet.


  • Contestants will be scored on intonation/tone quality (25 points),  rhythm/danceability (25 points),  old-time fiddling style (25 points), and degree of difficulty (25 points) per age division for a possible total of 100 points.


  • There will be 2 rounds for each age division with scores accumulative.  There will be 1 round for the grand champion division.  Contestants must play a different set of tunes for each round per division. Three points will be deducted for violation of this rule.


  • Contestants may play with or without an accompanist.  Up to three accompanists are allowed.  If the contestant needs an accompanist, one will be provided.


  • No sheet music may be displayed by contestants in the contest area.


  • Contact microphones or other amplification of instruments are not permitted. Show tunes,  trick or fancy fiddling will not be allowed during the contest, nor will plucking of strings, cross tuning, or hoecum bowing be allowed (aka “outlaw fiddling”).


  • If a string breaks during performance, the contestant will have the option to either continue or stop at that point.  If play is stopped, they will be allowed to continue that tune and complete the program later in the contest.


  • In the event of a tie for 1st , 2nd , or 3rd  place, a tie breaker hoedown will be played (2 minutes allowed).

  • Contestants may register in either the appropriate open division or the grand champion division. But not both.

2017-05-19 05.54.35.jpg


                                   The National Old-Time Fiddlers' Contest 


                                              May 12th & 13th , 2023



                                        Friday Night Festivities 


                                                              HOT FIDDLE CONTEST 

                                    6:30pm - 7:00pm   Entry Fee:  $10.00   All ages


                                         Twin Fiddling Exhibition - 7:30pm-8:00pm 


                                                     Judge Play - 8:00pm-8:30pm


                                                          Jam Session - 8:30 - 9:30pm

                        1st place  $100.00             2nd place  $75.00            3rd place  $50.00



                                                                 OPEN DIVISIONS 

 Entry Fee:  $10.00 (up thru age 17)                                        Entry Fee:  $15.00 (age 18 and up)


   Jr.- Junior                  Junior                         Adult                         Senior                   Sr.- Senior

( up thru age 12)     ( age 13 thru 17)       ( age 18 thru 54)        ( age 55 thru 69)            ( age 70 +)

1st   place   $75.00            1st   place  $100.00           1st  place  $150.00                1st  place    $150.00               1st  place   $150.00 

2nd  place   $50.00           2nd  place    $75.00          2nd  place  $125.00               2nd  place   $125.00              2nd  place   $125.00

3rd  place   $35.00            3rd  place    $50.00           3rd  place   $100.00             3rd  place    $100.00           3rd  place    $100.00

4th  place   $20.00            4th  place    $35.00           4th  place   $75.00                 4th  place    $75.00              4th  place      $75.00 

5th  place   $15.00             5th  place    $20.00           5th  place   $50.00                5th  place    $50.00             5th  place      $50.00


                                                   GRAND CHAMPION DIVISION    

                                                              Entry Fee:  $25.00


    1st place  $500.00   *  2nd  place  $400.00    *  3rd  place  $300.00     *  4th place $200.00    *  5th place  $100.00



NEVADA  STATE  JUNIOR  CHAMPION                         NEVADA  STATE  ADULT  CHAMPION                    

                1st  place      $200.00                                                         1st  place   $300.00

                2nd place      $150.00                                                         2nd place   $250.00

                3rd place      $100.00                                                         3rd  place   $200.00

                4th place        $75.00                                                           4th  place   $150.00

                5th place        $50.00                                                           5th  place   $100.00    

Director, Kim Russell