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Located at
Miss Dana's Visit Eureka Nevada Shoppe 
85 N. Main Street
Tourism Director
Dana Lee Fruend
Events ~ Information ~ Tours ~ Classes

When visiting Historic Eureka you can also find maps, brochures and information at the these fine establishments.


* 1873 Miss Dana's Visit Eureka Nevada Shoppe

* 1868 Afterlife Antiques and Oddities

* 1879 Eureka County Courthouse

* 1879 Eureka Opera House

* 1875 Eureka Palisade Crew Car

 * 1879 Eureka Sentinel Museum

1879 * The Eureka Depot

* Eureka Gold Country Inn

* Sacha's Pizza and Sugar Shack

* The Sundown Lodge

* 1870s  Owl Saloon and Roadhouse


Book an Historical Ghost Tour

Open April Thru October

Join us for a fun, historic ghost tour through the heart of downtown Eureka. First, we will  be meeting at the Afterlife Antiques and Oddities Shop, you will be asked to sign a waiver, we will issue flashlights and then we download an SLS Ghost Tube App, and off we go!


6:45 pm- Friday and Saturdays ~ May  thru November

Cost: $20 per person.

Children 8 to 12 years of age- $10

Not recommended for children 8 and under

We tour small groups of no more than ten.

Duration: 2 hours.

Private tours can be arranged for during the week.

For more Information

Call Miss Dana: 775-230-2232

 Join your hosts Ed and Dana Lee Fruend as they tour inside The 1877 Jackson House!  This is  a lovely 8 room, Victorian themed, (Yes, she is authentically Haunted) Hotel and event venue available for weddings and parties. We tour inside the last remnant of the Eureka Underground Tunnels, located underneath what is today The Afterlife Antiques and Oddities Shop and We Tour the  amazing historic downtown of Eureka.


Other Eureka Tours, please make appointment with Scott Raine.

Scott can give tours of:

Raine's Wildlife Museum/ Educational Talks

Old Railroad sites

The Eureka Fire House

The Masons Hall

Eureka Legends of the West 2023 POSTER.jpg

June 17th 2023


August 11th~13th


Eureka Restoration Enterprise

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